8th June 2016
Volunteers Week 2016
Volunteers Week 2016
Volunteers Week 2016


14.2 million people formally volunteered at least once a month in 2014/15  

This week we are celebrating Volunteers Week 2016 and all the time put in to support local communities by YOU  and the other 14,199,000 wonderful people has a whopping worth of the financial equivalent of ££23.9 billion per year.  So a gigantic THANK YOU from us at the volunteer centre in Kingston and all around the country.

Celebrating the journey, time & commitment in video

Behind every good experience a volunteer has, there is working quietly in the background, somebody who has a plan to make the time you spend worthwhile and enjoyable for you as a volunteer or group you are working with.  Here in Kingston we have taken these volunteer management skills and put them in a simple 10 point Quality Mark.

KQA - supporting a great volunteer experience

Listen to two volunteers we interviewed for Volunteers Week 2016, talking about the support they receive from the organisation they are working with.  And yes both Home-Start Kingston and Learn English At Home have achieved the Kingston Quality Award for great volunteer management.


Volunteering for Home-Start Kingston from Superhighways on Vimeo.

What does volunteering involve? How do I meet the family I will be working with? Who do I report to if I have a concern? What sort of a difference can I make?


Volunteering for Learn English At Home from Superhighways on Vimeo.

 I come from a professional background - the training was just perfect. I meet a lovely group of people, some of whom I am still in touch with.

For more information on the Kingston Quality Mark - follow this link and if you would like to start the process of taking your organisation through the Kingston Quality Award, contact Maria Dockrill - Volunteer Centre Manager - email manager@gokingstonvolunteering.org.uk or phone 020 8255 8685.