We all hope that a major incident (flooding, terrorist attack, plane crash etc.) does not occur in the Kingston area, but if one does occur then GKV has a role to provide an Crisis Response Team to give additional support to the Royal Borough of Kingston (RBK) in helping those affected.

The Borough's emergency plan expands on the need for support


Time Required

Whilst most volunteer activities are for a few hours every week, the Crisis Response Team only meets for half a day, 3-4 times a year.  The Team has the commitment to be available at short notice for 6-8 hours, and in a very serious case, this could possibly be for several consecutive days or nights.  (This would be very rarely – or, hopefully, never.)



In almost all ‘Major Incidents’, the first to attend will be the ‘Blue Light’ services – Police, Fire Brigade, etc.  Once the immediate impact is dealt with, then RBK will start up appropriate assistance, including Rest Centre(s) if people need to be evacuated from their homes.  Whilst RBK has the resources to start this going, if these Centres have to be kept open for more than one shift (6-8 hours), then the Crisis Response Team would be asked to provide 6-8 people for each subsequent shift.


 Volunteers carrying out registration of new arrivals

Call Out

Whilst it is possible that all the Crisis Response Team could be called out at short notice … and in a very unlikely situation that several Rest Centres had to be opened at once, it is expected that team members would be contacted and asked to attend for several hours, or even days, to operate the follow-on shifts.



GKV and RBK annually provide:

  • A Mandatory training session
  • A Conference covering recent developments
  • Occasional exercises. 

Relevant insurance cover is provided.  As the Crisis Response Team deals with people in a vulnerable situation, a self-declaration of any unexpired criminal offences is required.