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National Volunteers week is our opportunity to say a big thank you to the millions of people across the country who volunteer, and itis an awful lot of you!

Data in NCVO's 2017 almanac, found that an estimated 14.2 million people formally volunteered at least once a month in 2015/16. To put that in cash term the value of formal volunteering was estimated to be £22.6bn in 2015. That is a huge contribution from people out there who want to make a difference in their communities. So thank you to everyone who has volunteered any of their time to help. 

This year to celebrate National Volunteers week, Go Kingston Volunteering teamed up with the Superhighways to gather audio case studies from some of Kingston's volunteers. Volunteer voices, lets you hear the many different reasons why people started volunteering and what it means to their lives. please do take a listen and if it inspires you to start volunteering you can register here to search and apply for volutneering opportunities. . 

As well as collecting volunteer voices, as part of our Volunteers Week Activity, Go Kingston Volunteering hosted a stall with Refugee Action Kingston to encourage people to consider volunteering. Thank to everyone who came down to talk to us!

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