Volunteers are an integral part of the success of Kingston Town Centre's community events. GKV have played a major role in supplying our much needed volunteers, to the highest calibre. The service provided by GKV is professional and efficient and they have never failed to meet our needs. (Kingstonfirst)


Go Kingston Volunteering has been instrumental in the success of the Tourist Information Centre over the last year. The TIC relies heavily on volunteers to keep the doors open, many of whom have been supplied through GKV. I cannot thank them enough for their support. (Kingston Tourist Information Centre)


The service offered by GKV is excellent - they really understand what we are looking for in volunteers across a wide range of activities for our organisation, and send suitable people to us. We are very grateful for the support from GKV in keeping our volunteer team lively, active and engaged. (KCABS)


GKV always go the extra mile to help out with projects. They're one of the organisations in Kingston that really sum up the word 'community'. (MeWe)


It's great to reach potential volunteers via GKV whom we may not otherwise have been able to contact. (Cats Protection)


The Cambridge Road Estates Community Group have grown considerably during the last couple of years and this is in part thanks to GKV who have proved so good putting us in touch with people who are willing to volunteer with us.  Thank you! (CREst)


We are pleased with the service we get from GKV. They have done great work with the school in the past and we will be sending our new vacancies to them. (Strathmore School)


The standard of training which GKV offer to support voluntary organisations is very high. They've been a great support to our charity and, in a sector when professionalism and quality can't always be taken for granted, they're a real asset to the community. (Horse Rangers Association)