Employer and Group Volunteering

Go Kingston Volunteering can help arrange group volunteering events for your company or for a group of people/friends. We work with voluntary and community organisations, public and the private sector. We can help match you to some interesting volunteer opportunities in which your group of employees or friends can participate together.  We support large and small groups to take part in volunteering.

Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV) provides employees with the opportunity to volunteer with support from their employer. This may be in the form of time off for individual volunteering, or in a programme developed by the employer, such as a team challenge event or ongoing arrangement with a community partner.

 ESV provides real benefits to the employer, the volunteers and community organisations they support. By helping tackle local issues, employers can benefit both themselves and the communities in which they operate.

 In many cases employees volunteer in their own time outside of work and ESV is a small part of the time they volunteer. However, for many employees their ESV programme enables them to get involved when they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

 The majority of employees (58 per cent) say they would be very or fairly likely to volunteer if their employer offered them help to do so (Volunteering is the Business, DirectGov 2011).

 If you or your staff team would like to join us please complete our brief online registration form below.