Go Kingston Volunteering exists to promote, develop and support volunteering throughout the royal borough of Kingston Upon Thames.

Our Aims and Objectives:

To develop our services, by addressing our core objectives in the following ways:

To gather information on organisations who need volunteers

Go Kingston Volunteering (GKV) aims to continue to expand the number of voluntary opportunities available in the borough by working with organisations that are registered with us and helping them identify new areas of development they may need help with. GKV continuously monitors the information provided by organisations to ensure that it is current and up to date.

To signpost and refer potential volunteers to organisations in line with their skills, interests and aptitudes

GKV will develop and expand the ways it links individuals and volunteering opportunities, by offering a variety of facilities for people to register their interest in volunteering in addition to the interviews currently on offer.

To increase awareness of volunteering and how it can benefit volunteers, local organisations and service users alike

GKV aims to have a greater presence outside of its offices by setting up satellite points around the borough. In particular we aim to improve our publicity, through leaflet and poster campaigns and targeted recruitment campaigns in particular for people with disabilities or long term illnesses, people from BMER (black, minority, ethnic, refugee) communities and people with few qualifications.

To collect information on all aspects of volunteering, for use by organisations

Organisations that use GKV’s services will receive regular newsletters and information updates ensuring that information on Good Practice is disseminated and shared widely.

To promote strategies for good volunteering practice

Our new Good Practice project will support organisations around good practice in volunteer management. Quarterly volunteer co-ordinator forums and training will be available.

To provide support and advice for volunteers and Volunteer Co-ordinators

Volunteers and Volunteer Co-ordinators’ will be consulted and training programmes will be identified and organised. Organisations will be able to access individual support and consultation regarding volunteering issues, making GKV a centre for good practice. 

Alongside this we are continuing with our main function as a volunteer centre. We broker volunteers into opportunities at voluntary organisations around the borough. Our advisors work with potential volunteers to identify their skills and interests, so they can guide them towards appropriate opportunities.

We also publish details of all the roles we know about online at the do-it website.

We have received Investing In Volunteers accreditation, which demonstrates our commitment to high quality volunteer management.

Go Kingston Volunteering is a project of Kingston Voluntary Action.